Skanem smart labels

Smart labels connect physical products to the Internet of things through a scannable code. It is a powerful tool because a single scan can give you the power to promote, protect and track and trace your products. The benefits are many.

Promote your product and create loyalty.

Connect with consumers and build loyalty

It is easier to connect with consumers if engaging content like a brand story, ethical sourcing or a contest is just a scan away. The possibility of conveniently scanning a label on the product makes consumers more willing to interact.

Dynamic content

Content can be updated and changed multiple times to keep the users interested and to increase interaction. Very beneficial for contests, personalised coupons and loyalty programs for example.

Real time monitoring

Keep track of your campaign at all times to see what works well with your consumers and what can be improved.

Valuable data

Get data that helps you understand consumer demographics and behaviour. Create targeted marketing campaigns based on learnings from this data.

Protect your brand and products.

Anti-counterfeiting and anti-tampering

Protect your products with an added level of security by using unique encrypted NFC chips or imperceptible codes that cannot be copied.

Track and trace your products.


Scan anywhere in the supply chain to capture relevant information. Get instant updates on product location, inventory etc as part of a full overview

Accurate tracking

Scan full product shipments with a single scan and instantly spot quantity errors.

Smart sustainability.

Improve recycling

They can be used to sort materials efficiently through accurate information delivered through scanning the label.

Reduce material usage

Because a single scan can deliver information online instead of on the label, the number and size of labels used can be significantly reduced.

Looking for more than just paper?

When you ask us to print a label for your product we look at every aspect that influences the labels’ performance and visual appeal for example container material, product environment, recyclability needs, segment specific trends, regulatory compliance, production details, adhesives and more. We ensure smooth production of labels that are good for your business, your products and the environment.

If you have any questions just leave us a message and our label expert will get in touch with you.

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