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Peel & read labels

Our peel & read labels offer an innovative solution to a common problem of not enough space. 

Allowing endless amounts of information on one label

A label is prime real estate. Still, space can often be limited by a product’s size or the amount of legally required information. Leading to sacrifices in the design or choices between what information you can include on your label. 

Our peel & read solutions increase real estate. Allowing secondary information such as ingredients listing, nutritional information, detailed user instructions, or promotional opportunity to be included without compromise. 

It can suit an international audience

The inclusion of multiple languages is a lot easier on a peel & read label, as each layer can focus on a specific language making it clear for the reader which part of the label applies to them.  

Cost-effective and time-efficient 

By combining multiple artworks into one label, you can reduce inventory variants and access economy of scale. While also improving application and line efficiency by the reduction of stoppage needed for changeover between variants.

Durable and re-closable 

Our design & constructions are robust, allowing plenty of end-user handling without detriment to the overall appearance of the pack and label.  


Our portfolio offers a mix of transparent and opaque solutions that are adaptable to suit all market sectors, from cosmetic to automotive. From simple peel & read base labels to the more complex wrap & peel piggyback construction. 

Looking for more than just paper?

When you ask us to print a label for your product we look at every aspect that influences the labels’ performance and visual appeal. We consider for example the container material, product environment, recyclability needs, segment specific trends, regulatory compliance, production details, adhesives and more. We ensure smooth production of labels that are good for your business, your products and the environment.

If you have any questions just leave us a message and our label expert will get in touch with you.

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