Colour matched labels

Our colours are bespoke mixed to whatever the customer has as a target, such as a paint swatch or a lipstick bullet. This allows us to capture any subtle qualities or effects in the product, ensuring they are represented in the printed process, with deep and rich pigments safeguarding colour consistency.

Colour management

All our colours are matched by eye. However, we also employ high-performance digital measuring equipment to ensure consistency down to the Delta -E throughout the production process. 

Food safety

They are made with high grade FDA approved food grade materials. They also act as a barrier to moisture and dust to keep food products fresh and safe.

Unique depth and stregth of colour

Along with our cutting edge print technologies, we also maintain our traditional flat-screen process. Which offers the unique ability to lay down over 12 microns of ink, providing depth and strength of colour, characteristic of many luxury products.

Special effects

We understand that not all colours are flat and special effects like pearls, glitter, gloss, satin & matt can be incorporated into our colours.

Flexible MOQ

Our process is designed to run low and high MOQ’s 

Looking for top quality labels?

Colour matched labels add value to a product. The labels clearly show the consumer what the applied colour of the product will look like rather than looking at a colour swatch chart in a shop. The colour comes with you, enabling you to identify the product without opening it. 

If you have any questions just leave us a message and our label expert will get in touch with you.

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